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The Centre for Islamic Studies

The Centre for Islamic Studies is an Independent NPC focusing on Islamic studies and skills development for the underprivileged communities.

We pride ourselves in having a none bias approach to our Islamic Education and Dawah Projects under the banner of Ahlus Sunna Wal Jama’a.

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Why this Madressa?

Over the years Islam has grown extensively throughout South Africa and the world. Many Madaaris were established by different organizations, groups and families, each catering for the desired outcome of the founders.

The greatest disadvantage of the structures put into place by the founders of Islamic Institutions is that there was never enough thought put into catering specifically to the needs of our local indigenous majority.

Admittedly Madressa classes were offered, but it was seemingly more focussed on driving out their lifelong culture as Africans than on Islamic emphasis and educating them on the purity of Islam within their culture.

Our focus is not on them conforming to be Arab, Indian, Pakistani or Malay Muslims, but on empowering them to be proud, AFRICAN Muslims.

Not only do we want them to be well equipped as wives and mothers, but to also be actively involved in their communities, engaging at all different levels.

Our goal is for them to create a wider understanding of Islam when approached in their communities about being Muslim and through them creating a broader field of Dawah.


Our centre is urgently looking for Donations for day to day running and operational cost.

We require funding for the Students, Teachers Salaries, Operational Cost to run the Hostel and Dawah Programmes.

We welcome Donors for monthly Groceries towards the hostel.

Why the need for another girls Madressa?

For far too long we have ignored and neglected the need to provide good substantial Islamic knowledge to our dear indigenous mothers and sisters in South Africa.

Yes, we have included some of them that have conformed to some of our cultural expectations into our institutions. But never have we granted them the opportunity to maintain their identity and still give them pure true knowledge of Islam. All we offer them is the basic fundamentals of Islam. How many of them can take Islam further? How many of them can become Islamic icons or role models in their communities? We are happy with the mediocre Islam that we offer them because we are too afraid of the outcome, Strong Muslim Females! We are satisfied with the bias Islam that we continue providing them. There is a need, a great need for non-bias Islam where they can maintain their cultures and yet be wonderful good strong practicing Muslims.

Madressa and Hostel

Our Madressa is located at 457 Vrolikspruit Street, Erasmia, Centurion. 0183. South Africa. We currently house 35 Students and 1 Matron. We have 8 full time teachers with specialised skills to equip our Students in their studies.

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457 Vrolikspruit Street, Erasmia. 0183. South Africa

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